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Outdoor living space with pegola

Outdoor Living Space: The Healthiest Idea You’ve Ever Had

The Health Benefits of Outdoor Living Spaces:

Adding an outdoor space to your home is not only functional, aesthetically pleasing and a great place to entertain, but it’s also a space to relax and decompress.

We use nature as a model when creating our outdoor spaces. Nature is filled with intriguing stimuli and natural forces which help humans decompress. By utilizing daylight in a functional outdoor living space we create that comfort you get from nature. Not only is it for comfort or hosting, but there are many health benefits from having an outdoor living space.

 Stress reduction:

Getting rid of stress, at least temporarily, might be as simple as silencing the cell phone, putting away the work, and relaxing in your own backyard. Find your refuge, a place for quiet contemplation that offers an antidote to the many pressures of life. It might be relaxing on an outdoor recliner tucked beneath an pergola with the gentle splashing sounds for a water feature. Listen to the gentle sounds of nature, and feel the stress melt away. Therapeutic outdoor spaces are the latest trend in healing and stress relief, but throughout history gardens and outdoor spaces have always been used to aid in the healing process.

Boosts the Immune System:

Having natural surroundings results in increased immune systems. Exposure to trees is said to prevent asthma. It also encourages children to play outdoors, rather than playing video games.

Helps Depression Symptoms:

If you are looking for an all-natural way to boost your mood, turn to nature. Spending time outdoors can help reduce many symptoms of depression. Whether you have depression or want to improve your emotional health, start finding ways to get outdoors each day. Having a natural outdoor living space at home can help make this happen every day…weather permitting! Listen to the sound of nature, smell freshly cut grass, dip your toes in your backyard pond and relax.

A New Image Landscape can build you an outdoor living space that is functional, comfortable and great for your family’s health. I you can imagine it, we can make it become reality. Let us help you and your health with an upgraded outdoor living space, customized just for you.